Are Michael Jordan and Larry Bird friends?

Yes, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird are friends. They have a strong mutual respect for each other both on and off the basketball court. Although they were fierce competitors during their playing careers, they developed a close bond over the years. One example of their friendship is their collaboration in the 1992 Olympic Games when they played together on the Dream Team representing the United States. They worked together as teammates and supported each other to win the gold medal. This experience helped strengthen their relationship. Another example is their involvement in various basketball events and charities. They often participate in activities together, such as charity games or basketball clinics, where they share their knowledge and skills with young athletes. Moreover, both Jordan and Bird have spoken highly of each other in interviews. They have praised each other's talent, competitiveness, and contributions to the sport. Their kind words reflect the genuine friendship they have developed over the years. In summary, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird are not just basketball legends but also close friends. Despite their intense rivalries on the court, they have built a strong camaraderie based on their shared experiences, respect, and common goals in basketball.