Can a 5 10 person make it to the NBA?

Yes, it is possible for a person who is 5'10 to make it to the NBA, but it is quite rare. The NBA is a professional basketball league that typically favors taller players, as height often provides an advantage in the sport. However, there have been a few exceptional cases where individuals who are not particularly tall have succeeded in the NBA. One notable example is Tyrone Muggsy Bogues, who stood at only 5'3. Despite his height disadvantage, Bogues played in the NBA for 14 seasons and had a successful career primarily as a point guard. He compensated for his lack of height through exceptional skill, speed, and basketball IQ. Another example is Isaiah Thomas, who is 5'9. Thomas played in the NBA and became an All-Star player. He utilized his quickness and scoring ability to overcome the taller opponents he faced on the court. These instances demonstrate that while height can be an advantage in basketball, it is not the sole determining factor for success. If a person who is 5'10 possesses exceptional talent, skills, work ethic, and determination, they could potentially make it to the NBA. However, it is important to note that this path is considerably more challenging compared to individuals with greater height.