Can someone 5 9 make the NBA?

Yes, someone who is 5'9 can make it to the NBA, but it is very difficult. Most players in the NBA are taller than 6 feet because height is considered an advantage in basketball. However, there have been a few exceptional players who were shorter and still made it to the NBA. One famous example is Tyrone Muggsy Bogues, who stood at only 5'3. Despite his height disadvantage, Bogues used his exceptional quickness, skills, and basketball IQ to have a successful career in the NBA. He played for 14 seasons and became known for his terrific defense and ability to make plays. Another example is Isaiah Thomas, who is 5'9 as well. Thomas is a skilled scorer and was one of the top players in the NBA for a few seasons. His height did not stop him from becoming a two-time NBA All-Star. These players, however, are the exception rather than the rule. The NBA is a highly competitive league, and taller players generally have an advantage due to their ability to block shots, grab rebounds, and score easier near the basket. It requires immense talent, hard work, and determination for a shorter player to make it to the NBA. While being 5'9 may make it challenging to make the NBA, it is crucial to focus on developing skills, speed, agility, and basketball IQ. Playing in college, overseas, or in minor leagues can provide opportunities to showcase talents and catch the attention of NBA scouts. It is also essential to focus on areas of the game where height is not a massive factor, such as shooting, ball-handling, passing, and defensive skills. Ultimately, while it is not impossible for someone who is 5'9 to make it to the NBA, it is undoubtedly a tough journey that requires exceptional skills and the right circumstances.