Can you lob in bowling?

No, you cannot lob in bowling. When it comes to bowling, the objective is to knock down all the pins by rolling the ball down the lane. The technique used to deliver the ball involves swinging it forward and releasing it towards the pins. Lobbing the ball, which is a high-arching throw with a soft release, is not allowed in bowling. Lobbing the ball may result in undesirable outcomes such as the ball not reaching the pins with enough force to knock them down. Additionally, lobbing can disrupt the pace of the game and potentially damage the lane surface. In competitive bowling, it is important to adhere to the rules and maintain a consistent throwing style for fair play. For a better understanding, think of bowling as similar to throwing a baseball or rolling a basketball towards a target. Just as you would aim for accuracy and power in those sports, bowling requires a similar approach to knock down all the pins.