Can you loft a ball?

Yes, you can loft a ball. Lofting a ball means hitting or kicking it high up into the air. This technique is commonly used in sports like soccer, basketball, and golf. In soccer, a player can loft the ball by striking it with the right amount of force and skill, causing it to arc high into the air. This can be useful when trying to pass the ball over the opposition's defense or when attempting a shot on goal from a long distance. Similarly, in basketball, a player can loft the ball by shooting it with a high trajectory towards the hoop. This technique is often used to shoot over taller defenders or when trying to make a long-distance shot. In golf, lofting the ball refers to hitting it high into the air with a golf club. Golfers use different clubs with varying degrees of loft to achieve the desired height and distance. For example, a golfer may use a pitching wedge to loft the ball to a greater height when hitting from a short distance, allowing it to land softly on the green. So, to answer your question in simple terms, yes, you can loft a ball by hitting or kicking it in a way that sends it high up into the air.