Do you get a ring if you bowl a 300 game?

No, you do not get a ring if you bowl a 300 game. When you bowl a perfect game of 300 in bowling, it is a remarkable achievement. However, unlike some other sports such as winning a championship in baseball or basketball, there is no tradition of receiving a ring specifically for accomplishing this feat. In certain leagues or tournaments, you might receive special recognition, like a plaque or a trophy, to honor your accomplishment. Sometimes, the bowling alley or tournament organizers may offer rewards like cash prizes or gifts. However, the prize given for bowling a 300 game can vary depending on the league or event you are participating in. Similar to other sports, more prestigious achievements in bowling, like winning a professional tournament, can result in receiving a championship ring. But shooting a perfect game of 300, although impressive, typically does not warrant a ring. It is mainly seen as a personal achievement and an accomplishment to be proud of, without the customary ring presentation.