Does Tom Brady like Patrick Mahomes?

Yes, Tom Brady likes Patrick Mahomes. Both Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes have shown respect and admiration for each other on and off the field. They have often praised each other's skills and sportsmanship in interviews and social media posts. One example of their mutual respect is during the Super Bowl LV, where Tom Brady's team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, played against Patrick Mahomes' team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Even though they were competitors, Brady greeted Mahomes with a friendly hug before the game started, showing their positive relationship. Additionally, both quarterbacks have spoken highly of each other's talents. Brady has commended Mahomes for his incredible throwing ability, while Mahomes has acknowledged Brady's experience and ability to consistently perform at a high level. Their admiration for one another is a testament to their sportsmanship and appreciation for the game.