Has anyone gone undefeated in football?

Yes, there have been teams that have accomplished the impressive feat of going undefeated in football. This means that throughout an entire season, they did not lose a single game. One such famous example is the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League (NFL) who achieved this in 1972. They won all their regular season games, then went on to win the playoffs and the Super Bowl, finishing the season with a perfect record of 17 wins and 0 losses. Another notable example is the University of Oklahoma Sooners football team, who accomplished this in the 2000 college football season. They won all their games, including the National Championship game, finishing the season with a perfect record of 13 wins and 0 losses. However, it is quite rare for a team to go undefeated in football due to the high level of competition and the unpredictable nature of the sport.