How do you swing a table tennis ball?

Swinging a table tennis ball involves a technique called topspin or backspin. To swing the ball with topspin, you need to brush the back of the ball while moving your paddle upward, creating a spin that makes the ball dip down quickly. This technique is useful for putting the ball deep on the table or making it bounce high after hitting the opponent's side. Imagine the motion of brushing the back of the ball as if you're trying to wipe something off a table. On the other hand, to swing the ball with backspin, you need to brush the bottom part of the ball while moving your paddle downward. This way, the ball will have a reverse spin, making it drop faster after crossing the net. It's like trying to slice the ball in half by sliding your paddle under it. This technique can be helpful when you want to force your opponent to hit the ball upwards, making it harder for them to attack. Remember that practice is essential to master these techniques. By experimenting with different grip, arm movements, and paddle angles, you'll find the swing that works best for you.