How much is 1 inning in baseball?

In baseball, 1 inning is a unit of time during which both teams have a turn to bat and a turn to field. Each team gets 3 outs in their half of the inning. An out is when the batting team fails to reach a base or when a fielding team catches a hit before it lands on the ground. Then, the teams switch places, and the process repeats for a total of 9 innings in a regular game. For example, in the first inning, Team A will bat and try to score runs, while Team B will field and try to get 3 outs as quickly as possible. Once Team A gets 3 outs, the teams switch, and Team B gets a chance to bat in their half of the inning. This cycle continues until the 9th inning, unless the game is tied and requires extra innings to determine a winner. In summary, 1 inning is a specific period within a baseball game where both teams have a chance to bat and field, aiming to score runs and prevent their opponent from doing the same.