How rare are triple plays?

Triple plays are incredibly rare in the world of sports. They happen very infrequently in baseball, which is the sport where you're most likely to see them. To give you an idea of just how rare they are, consider this: in Major League Baseball, which has been played for over a hundred years, there have been around 750,000 games played. Out of these hundreds of thousands of games, there have only been about 700 triple plays. That's less than one per thousand games! Just to make sure we understand what a triple play is, let's go over it quickly. In baseball, when the team on defense catches a ball and gets three opposing players out in one continuous play, it's known as a triple play. This is quite challenging because multiple things need to happen in a very short time. One example of a triple play occurred in a game between the Minnesota Twins and the Boston Red Sox in 1990. With runners on first and second base, the Twins' third baseman, Gary Gaetti, caught a line drive, touched third base for the second out because the runner on second base had gone too far off the base, and then tagged the player who had been on first base. In just a few seconds, the Twins had turned a triple play and ended the inning! So, in conclusion, triple plays are exceedingly rare in sports, especially in baseball. They require exceptional timing, coordination, and a bit of luck. Their uniqueness makes them exciting and memorable moments whenever they occur on the field.