What is a dinosaur in bowling?

In bowling, a dinosaur is a term used to describe a throw or a style of bowling that is very slow and lacks power. It is called a dinosaur because it resembles the slow and lumbering movement of a dinosaur. When a bowler throws the ball with less speed and strength, it generally results in a ball that doesn't carry much energy or impact, making it easier for the pins to stay standing. For example, imagine a bowler who throws the ball with little force and it rolls down the lane slowly, like a turtle. The pins may get nudged or wobbled, but they often remain standing because the ball doesn't have enough power to knock them down. This would be considered a dinosaur throw in bowling. It is important to note that a dinosaur throw is not desirable in competitive bowling, as it reduces the chances of getting a strike or spare. Skilled bowlers typically aim for a faster and more powerful delivery to generate the necessary pin action for higher scores.