What is a full roller bowling?

A full roller bowling refers to a specific style of bowling where the ball rolls straight down the lane without making a significant hook or curve. This style is characterized by the ball rolling over its entire surface area or track, which can create a distinct pattern on the ball. The term full roller comes from how the ball interacts with the lane. In full roller bowling, the ball's drilling layout is designed to match the bowler's specific hand and release style. This layout determines the position of the finger holes on the ball and influences how it rolls. A full roller ball typically has the holes drilled towards the bottom of the ball to encourage a smoother, more direct path down the lane. This style is often chosen by bowlers with a straighter delivery or those who struggle to consistently hook the ball. By rolling the ball straight, they can increase their accuracy and decrease the chance of missing their target. The full roller technique is also advantageous on certain lane conditions, such as heavily oiled lanes or shorter patterns, where a straight trajectory can lead to better pin carry and more consistent results. Bowlers who use full roller style may not generate as high a ball speed or rev rate, but they rely on precision and accuracy to achieve good scores. In summary, full roller bowling is a style where the ball rolls straight down the lane without much hook or curve, with its drilling layout customized to the bowler's hand and release style. This technique can bring advantages in terms of accuracy and performance on specific lane conditions.