What is John Stockton's career high points?

John Stockton, a legendary basketball player, had a career filled with impressive achievements and high points. One of his greatest accomplishments was his outstanding ability to assist his teammates, making him one of the greatest playmakers in NBA history. Throughout his career, Stockton accumulated an incredible total of 15,806 assists. This record still stands today and is unlikely to be broken anytime soon. To put that into perspective, imagine Stockton passing the basketball to his teammates, resulting in them scoring over 15,000 times! Aside from his incredible passing skills, Stockton was also a reliable scorer. His career-high points in a single game came on January 15, 1988, when he scored an impressive 34 points. This shows that Stockton not only provided opportunities for his teammates but also had the ability to take matters into his own hands and contribute with scoring when needed. Overall, John Stockton's career was filled with remarkable achievements, with his outstanding assist record and his ability to score when necessary being the high points of his basketball journey. He left an enduring impact on the sport and will always be remembered as one of the greatest players of all time.