What is the rarest number in baseball?

In baseball, there are many numbers that players can wear on their jerseys. However, some numbers are rarer than others. The rarest number in baseball is the number 0 or 00. This is because wearing the number 0 or 00 is not very common in the sport. Unlike numbers like 1, 2, or 5, which are frequently used in baseball, 0 or 00 is unusual to see on a player's jersey. This makes it the rarest number. In fact, in the entire history of Major League Baseball (MLB), there have only been a few players who wore the number 0 or 00. One example is Adam Ottavino, who wore the number 0 as a relief pitcher for the New York Yankees. Another example is Al Oliver, a former MLB player who briefly wore the number 0 during his career. The rarity of the number 0 or 00 in baseball makes it highly sought-after by collectors and fans. So, if you ever see a player with the number 0 or 00 on their jersey, know that you're witnessing something quite uncommon in the sport!