Why did Shaq never shoot a 3 pointer?

Shaq never shot a 3 pointer because it wasn't his strongest skill and it didn't fit his style of play. He was known for his incredible strength, size, and dominancy close to the basket. Shaq was so good at scoring near the hoop that he didn't need to shoot from farther away. He was very successful at dunking, layups, and making shots near the basket. For example, imagine Shaq as a towering giant in the basketball court. His massive size allowed him to overpower other players and score easily by dunking the ball or using his strong moves near the hoop. Since he was so effective and efficient in the paint, there was no need for him to shoot 3 pointers from far away. Also, shooting 3 pointers requires a different technique and shooting form, which was not Shaq's specialty. He focused more on developing his skills close to the basket and using his immense physical advantage to dominate opponents. Coaches and teammates understood this and built strategies that played to Shaq's strengths, allowing him to dominate during his career. In summary, Shaq never shot a 3 pointer because it wasn't his best skill, it didn't suit his style of play, and he was already incredibly successful scoring near the hoop.