Why do baseball games start at 7 minutes?

Baseball games do not start at 7 minutes. The starting time for baseball games can vary depending on different factors such as the preferences of the league, the teams involved, and the television broadcasting schedules. Most professional baseball games start around the hour, commonly at 7:00 PM or 7:30 PM, but this isn't always the case. The idea that baseball games start at 7 minutes might be a misunderstanding or a misconception. Sometimes, broadcasters might schedule pregame shows or introductions that last for about 7 minutes before the actual game starts. During these 7 minutes, they may show highlights, interviews, or discuss pregame analysis. However, this is not a fixed rule for all games. It's important to note that baseball games, like any other sporting event, follow a predetermined schedule announced before the season begins. Game times are usually set by the league and the teams' management, taking into consideration various factors such as travel distances, player rest, and fan convenience. In conclusion, while there may be occasional pregame programming that lasts around 7 minutes, there is no consistent or universal rule that all baseball games start specifically at this time.